Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Capacitor Banks

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Medium-Voltage-Harmonic-Filter-Bank.jpgStandard Features

Fully customized, free standing, welded steel construction enclosurewith 12 gauge galvanneal sheet skins, 3-point pad-lockable latching handles and stainless steel hinges. The enclosure is painted with a corrosion resistant epoxy base paint and a polyurethane top coat.

Key Interlock System
Key interlock system has a 5-minute integrated timer to allow for discharge of power capacitor units, safe operation and entry into capacitor bank.

Main Disconnect Switch and Main GroundSwitch
Mechanically interlocked, externally operated, manual chain driven, main disconnect switch and main ground switch. The switches are located in a separate compartment that allows components located within the capacitor compartment to be maintained without having to disconnect power to the bus feeding the bank.

Control Power Transformer
A control power transformer is provided for control, protection and operation of the bank.

Lightning Arresters
Bank is protected from lightning and switching transients with heavy duty distribution class surge arresters.

Copper bus bar rated isfor 1,000 Amperes per inch squared.

Fuse Operation Detection System
Castle Power Solutions uses SIBA fuse operation detectors in conjunction with either pilot lights or a human machine interface (HMI).Unless otherwise requested, every stage receives its own blown fuse detections system which allows for the highest level of reliability.

Power Capacitor Units
Double bushing power capacitor units meet or exceed IEEE-18 and IEC 871 standards; and have a loss of less than 0.2 watts per kVAR. Internal discharge resistors reduce the residual voltage to less than 50 Volts DC within 5 minutes of de-energization. The dielectric fluid is biodegradable, non-PCB, with low toxicity. Power capacitor units are available in a wide variety of kVAR and can be internally fused upon request.

Transient Inrush Reactors
Castle Power Solutions transient inrush air-core reactors are provided on each stage to limit the frequency and magnitude of inrush currents from back to back capacitor bank switching.

Vacuum Switches or Contactors
Each stage is controlled by long life low maintenance vacuum switches or vacuum contactors.

Automatic Capacitor Bank Controller
Capacitor stages are automatically controlled by the SATEC. It can switch stages on and off based on current solution, voltage, power factor, total harmonic distortion, and temperature.

Medium-Voltage-Harmonic-Filter-Bank2.jpgOptional Features

Alarm Strobe
Strobe light can be provided for visual indication of faults and alarms.

Current Transformer
Enclosures can be shipped with a properly sized voltage current transformer which can be used to monitor the bank current.

Exhaust Fan or Air Conditioning
An exhaust fan or air conditioning can be supplied for forced ventilation of the enclosure.

Harmonic Manager
Measures, monitors and controls individual harmonic and energy parameters. The C191HM has phase failure protection, low voltage protection, and over current monitoring.

NEMA 4X Construction
NEMA 4X (stainless steel) construction can be provided by request.

Neutral Imbalance Protection
Neutral potential transformer or current transformer based imbalance protection or neutral imbalance indication.

Roof Bushings
Roof bushings can be provided on top of the enclosure to facilitate connection to over-head bus in substations.

Zero Voltage Closing Control (ZVC)
Zero voltage closing significantly improves power quality, eliminates voltage transients, reduces capacitor inrush currents and voltage peak surges and diminishes harmonic distortion.

Download Application Checklist

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